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What is carePORTAL Purchasing in a nutshell?

  • The Purchasing system allows for homes and head office to generate Purchase Orders (Standard Orders & Shopping Basket) and dispatch them to Companies/Suppliers. The system also allows for logging of Delivery Notes and Invoices with export functionality to Sage200 & Sage50.A helpdesk like system for raising, logging and management of on-site Jobs is also present within the Purchasing System. The Jobs section can send out quotes to companies/suppliers in addition to visit requests with full integration into Purchase Orders. Examples are simple repairs and maintenance to full building refurbishments.

    The base of the Purchasing System is a Finance system, containing nominal data too allow for data benchmarking on all purchase orders and invoices (allows management to see exactly what money is spent on).

Who is it for?

  • Care home management/administrators wishing to make purchases
  • Finance/Purchase Ledger Teams for logging expenditures
  • Finance teams for benchmarking what exactly was bought through budgets
  • Property Services teams for raising, logging and managing on-site jobs.

What is the main problem it solves?

Every day purchases for the homes, food, supplies or equipment. Logging of what was delivered and Invoicing the correct amount to the supplier(s).

Budget management, tracking expenditures and accruals.

How does it make life easier for the business?

It makes all purchases and payments very manageable for the homes and finance/accounts staff. Allows for direct tracking of expenditures and budgetary status’.

Who will be using it day to day?

  • Home administrator staff/management.
  • Head office accounts/finance/purchase ledger.
  • Head office operations, approvals/denials.
  • Property Services

How does it make life easier for those using it?

  • Easy to raise and send orders.
  • Easy to manage budgets/expenditures
  • Easy to track all steps in a purchase (audit trail)
  • Easy to raise, manage and log work required in the homes. (Jobs)

What features are you particularly proud of?

  • Roster integration with Agency Purchase Orders (mass-quick creation through planner issues)
  • Bulk creating/approving of Purchase Orders saving valuable staff time in the homes and head office
  • Seamless export into Sage

What sets it apart from the competition?

  • It’s more complete, faster, better looking and more functional with modern day reality than the only competitor.
  • It works

How did the solution come about?

  • We needed to make purchases

How does it integrate with carePORTAL?

  • Works off the carePORTAL finance module for budget data
  • Integrated with Roster, specifically Agencies and creating the Purchase Orders for them.

Top 5 key selling points?

  • Confident purchasing through suppliers
  • Budget management and benchmarking
  • Exporting directly into Sage200/50
  • Jobs raising, logging and management.


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