carePORTAL Checking

carePORTAL Checking

Simple, digital compliance monitoring and evidencing for care homes

carePORTAL Checking is an effective solution for care home organisations to implement proactive compliance recording across maintenance, catering and housekeeping. Providing a comprehensive digital solution supporting day-to-day compliance reporting alongside a more streamlined and cost-effective operating auditing tool.



carePORTAL Checking

Utilising carePORTAL Checking for your care homes alleviates many of the challenges regarding record keeping for compliance purposes. This effective digital tool provides a range of benefits to users enabling comprehensive records management while further providing efficiencies for auditing purposes and compliance oversight.

An accessible solution for all

An effective compliance tool for care homes, carePORTAL Checking is designed to be easily accessible and utilised by numerous roles from Home Managers and CQC Inspectors, through to Maintenance, Catering and Housekeeping staff.

Providing cost-effective, time-saving, and environmental benefits

A comprehensive tool that alleviates many complications to compliance reporting, auditing and record keeping in an effective, secure digital environment supporting ease of entry and visibility.

Key features include:

• Instantly raise and log compliance issues with direct reporting to management.
• No need for paper records – simple recording covering all care home locations.
• One screen compliance record to streamline visibility and auditing.
• Ease of use for Facilities Managers allowing visibility of all outstanding issues and status including those issued to contractors or in progress.
• Proactive planning and scheduling tools through a clear floor plan approach unique for each location.

Seamless carePORTAL Integration

This effective app-based tool easily integrates with carePORTAL Purchasing to evidence compliance data alongside finance administration and auditing. Further aiding business efficiency while providing wider cost-saving and environmental benefits to your organisation.

Easy setup and management

Implementation of carePORTAL Checking is easy and can be implemented and managed by clients. Following scan and mapping of location floor plan, assets can be added supporting auto-enabled checks and managed accordingly. Clients are able to fully manage their system, user access and ongoing operation without the need to rely on developers.


Real-time digital compliance management

Efficient compliance recording and management in a clear, easy to use app. Saving time and resources for compliance checks across maintenance, catering and housekeeping with intuitive dashboards.

Eliminate Paper Records

Secure digital recording removing the complications of significant paper records across multiple locations.

Quickly Identify Issues

Single screen visibility with clear design to easily identify and monitor issues for effective management and auditing.


Developed and tested in Healthcare Management Solutions managed care homes, this innovative software has been created in actual care home settings to ensure it meets the demands and needs of the care industry.
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carePORTAL Checking

Achieve efficient compliance recording and embrace digital benefits for your organisation.


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